Mendel Conference
25th International Conference on Soft Computing, July 10-12 Brno, Czech Republic

Fees (VAT is included)

400 EUR

The regular conference fee includes:

  • Admission to all presentations.
  • Publication of your paper in the Mendel journal series (as hard copy proceedings and Open Access) with ISSN number, which is indexed in Scopus since 2006 and will be
    Open Access.
  • Publication of your paper in the Springer AISC series
    indexed by ISI Thomson Reuters (WoS), DBLP, Google Scholar and Springerlink.
  • Certificate of attendance, conferential bag and a small surprise.
  • Acces to e-Mendel proceedings (golden Open Access).
  • Welcome party, refreshments and coffee-breaks.
  • Workshop with very special program* (dinner included).

The conference fee includes free access to all presentations and refreshments. Accompanying persons (wife, husband, daughter, son) can use all conference services including refresments, but the conference fee does not include welcome party and workshop attendance. Accommodation also is not included in the fee .

*As every year, the organizers are preparing nice trip and the special workshop on an interesting place as important part of the conference. The workshop will include discussion, music, conference dinner and pleasant experience.

250 EUR EXTRA Paper (only for the same 1st Author of the Paper)
Publications (Mendel, Springer) can be mixed!
Two different publications from one conference.
50/100 EUR EXTRA Copies of MENDEL / Springer Book
50 EUR EXTRA Workshop Ticket (it includes Wecome party, Trip and Social program with dinner for accompanying person, it can be settled in cash at conference register). It can be included into standard conference fee in case of your requirement.

50/100/150 EUR

EXTRA Pages: For the papers with 10/12/14 pages (Mendel journal series), 14/16/18 pages(Springer series).

350 EUR

The reduced conference fee for Mendel club member
(3x the 1st author of papers in Mendel 2014 to 2018, separately) or IPC member for Mendel 2019.
100 EUR

The extra attendance of co-author or conference participant without paper (proceedings/book no, conferential bag yes).

  12 EUR The extra payment for credit card transaction. This fee must be added to payment. Please use the figure as link to our payment gate. logo
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  The payment must include all bank transfer charges!

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